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Check out the murals we have done!

IMG_3690 2.JPG

Nian Nian You Yu

This 13 story mural is a total of 22,550 square feet (150' x197'), making it the largest paint mural in Taiwan (painted March 2024). When I created the piece, I had the phrase “nian nian you yu” in mind, which means “May every year end with ample surplus.” The fish represents prosperity and abundance. The top of the fish’s markings is in the shape of Taiwan, and the dorsal fin represents the beautiful mountains of Taiwan. The fish's tail slowly separates into petals reminiscent of the cherry blossom. Cherry blossoms represent renewal and the cyclical nature of life. They bloom anew each spring, signifying the arrival of a new beginning and the promise of fresh opportunities. I wanted to show how all of life is connected and that through time we are always evolving. Life is about transformation.  

IMG_3690 2.JPG
IMG_3718 2.heic

Bumper Car Donuts

Marie's Donuts was established in 1957. The back wall had been blank for a very long time. We added a fun bumper donut mural to their 50 foot wall April 2023. Look carefully, we hid an easter egg for you to find! This Illustration can be found in my coloring book Bite Sized World.


Quetzalcoatl Dragon

 450 students from Ethel Philips Elementary school helped paint this 55 feet mural May, 2023. The mural reflects the school’s mascot, the dragon, as well as the cultural diversity of the school. A large number of the students are of Mexican heritage so the mural uses as its dragon a Quetzalcoatl. The mural includes the Mexican national flower, a dahlia, in yellow which represents friendship. I also included a lotus flower from my own Taiwanese heritage. The lotus flower is special in many cultures because it can grow in dirty and muddy water.  It reminds us that even when things are difficult, we can still stay kind and strong.


Classic Donuts

We came back in May 2023 to revamp the front of Marie's Donuts. We kept it classic and added old fashion donuts (which are my personal favorite at Marie's Donuts) and sprinkle donuts. We sprinkled out the sides of their walls and even sprinkled out their shed. 

Juice Carton Home

This was my first mural created January 2023 at Father Keith B. Kenny Elementary School. This illustration is from my book Secret Worlds. These Juice cartons is home to a family of bunnies and their neighbors egg snail, hamburger snail, and ice cream snail love to climb on top of everything. This school had no art program, so after the mural was done, I had a coloring party with the students and donated a coloring book to each one of them!

IMG_2197 2.HEIC

Washi Tape

This mural is located at Rosa Parks Elementary school and painted April 2023. It's three rolls of washi tape. I wanted to take an ordinary object that could be found in school supplies and make it come to life. I hope it makes the students at Rosa Parks elementary school smile when they walk past this mural.

Space Cracks

I painted this mural at Hiram W. Johnson High School February 2023. Nine students in this high school assisted me in this painting which can be found in my book Enchanted. I wanted kids to run through the hallway and imagine that there was more behind the walls!

IMG_2505 2.heic

Enchanted Dragon

This 33 x 5 feet mural was painted July 2023 in Seattle. This dragon enchants and protects the Magnolia Neighborhood.

Coyote & Falcon Mascot Mural

This 40 x 11 feet mural was painted September 2023 at Kinney & Prospect School. Over 100 students participated in painting this wall. The two schools mascots, the falcon and coyote were featured in this mural.

falcon and coyote mural.jpg

Baby Bird

This mural is located at Trejos Diner in Clear Lake. This mural was commissioned by Citizens Caring 4 Clear Lake non profit through a grant. This is an interactive 3D mural that allows the citizens of Clear lake to sit in the Osprey’s nest and become a “baby bird.” 


Space Whale Shark

This private commission located in Sacramento is 13 ft x 8 ft. I painted this mural February 2024. This whale shark is swimming through a galaxy amongst a school of fish. 

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