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All About Sunshine

Our Mission

We formed Sunshine Studios with the mission to inspire people to connect with their inner artist. We believe art is a vehicle that can transcend the lines of culture, age, gender, and race, and empower everyone to explore themselves and their surroundings.

Our Products

We strive to create products that serve as a meditative form of art therapy and stress-relief. We are committed to our mission because we believe that art is essential for mental health and self-reflection. Art can be an outlet for people to center themselves and can be used to achieve moments of peace and clarity.

Our Motivation

We met while traveling abroad and immediately connected on a shared love for art and its ability to inspire and empower people from all walks of life. It didn’t take long after that initial conversation for us to form Sunshine Studios. We wake up every morning passionate, excited, and grateful to be able to use our creative energy and bring more art into the world.

What We Do

Sunshine Studios represents a core group of products on this website, but we also use our expertise to help others launch their products. We work with a vast network of creators, artists, and entrepreneurs, and we would love to help bring your product or artistic vision to life. Please get in touch if you’d like to talk about how!


Our Story

Sunshine Studios began with a single coloring book in 2016, Life of the Wild, which would go on to peak at a top 100 ranked book in America on Amazon. The success and popularity of that book inspired us to create a flagship line of products which now fund our collaborations with other artists.

Sunshine has since grown into a full-suite studio that brings expertise in editing, illustrating, and marketing to launch products in collaboration with artists and creators around the world. It is our passion and pleasure to work with first-time creators as well as highly established artists.

We would love to hear about your ideas !

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