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Mandala Daydream: Moonlight Edition

Mandala Daydream: Moonlight Edition

*This is a new "Moonlight Edition" of the formerly published Mandala Daydream. Each page is luxuriously seeped in black ink to create a dark-as-night backdrop for a new and enhanced coloring experience. If you are looking for the original Mandala Daydream, scroll down to the comparison section below and find that title with the Orange cover.*

Mandala Daydream: Moonlight Edition is a relaxing adult coloring book perfect for unleashing your creativity and inner artist. There are 37 original illustrations by artist Karen Sue Chen of Karen Sue Studios. The intricate drawings draw inspiration from patterns found in nature: plants, gardens, moon. Let the anti-stress patterns take you to a world of relaxation and imagination. Embrace the calm and connect with your inner artist using pens, markers, crayons, or coloring pencils. The pages are printed on a single side, so there is no bleed through.


Original ink illustrations in this coloring book for adults include:

  • Zen doodles
  • Geometric patterns
  • Nature designs including mountains, mushrooms, flowers, plants
  • Moon phases
  • Stress relieving patterns
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