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Secret Worlds

Secret Worlds

Secret Worlds is a whimsical coloring book perfect for unleashing your creativity and inner artist. There are 38 original detailed illustrations by artist Karen Sue Chen of Karen Sue Studios. This adult coloring book gives you a glimpse into the secret life of magical tiny creatures. Each unique page from the depths of imagination are sure to delight and surprise all colorists. Let your coloring experience take you to a fun world of relaxation and imagination. Connect with your inner artist using pens, markers, crayons, or coloring pencils. The pages are printed on a single side, so there is no bleed through. Ink illustrations in this coloring book for adults include:

  • Tiny bunnies living in a carrot bungalow house
  • Garden snails and milk carton houses
  • Garden creatures such as moles, mer-cats soaking in a tea cup hot tub
  • Tiny parachuting bunny parachuting with a hamburger
  • Mushroom fair grounds
  • Tiny creatures chilling in a blueberry pie house

...and many more delightful scenes!

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